Commercial Windows

Commercial Aluminum Windows - Custom made to your requirements


Artisan Bi-Fold Doors open up the wall of a building and provide a relaxed elegance by creating maximum light and open space. Doors are folded away by easy sliding to the side. You can entertain without interruptions and views become vistas that bring outdoor pleasure to any interior environment. Exclusive to Tucks Windows Bendigo, in central Victoria.

tucks windows bendigo

Capral 400 Series

101.6 x 44mm outer frame dimensions. The most versatile and straightforward framing system in the Capral range. This product is used throughout Australia in all conditions.

tucks windows bendigo

Sash Less Double Hung

This unique window has frameless glass sashes which are counter balanced with each other and overlap 100mm at the centre, giving a clear uninterrupted view. The window is operated by a continuous aluminium lift to the bottom of the lower panel of glass and optional acrylic lift blocks bonded to the glass at the centre or bottom are available. Windows are locked in the closed or vertical (100mm) position by a keyed lock and a removable draft seal is included at the glass overlap. Flyscreens are easily added

tucks windows bendigo